maandag, augustus 20, 2007

What type of recruiter are you?

All of you who work in recruitment will agree with me on this: there are three basic steps in recruitment; sourcing, interviewing & closing. To determine what type of recruiter rules on the Belgian market, I have set up a short questionaire (in English so our Frenchspeaking colleagues can join). Just add your three answers and check your dominant profile on the right.

How do you find great candidates?

I date them (Barbie)

I clone them (Kermit)

I offer them a free back rub (Garfield)

How do you recognize good candidates?

They invariably have small feet and a big moustache (Barbie)

They can sing the Brabançonne (a capella) (Kermit)

They pay me a nice dinner and offer to wash my car (Garfield)

How do you close good candidates?

I call their boss to say they resign (Kermit)

I rent a limo to drive them to their final interview (Barbie)

I kill them if I detect the slightest hesitation (Garfield)

Ok, you're almost there. Add your responses and choose the character you resemble most: vote for him/her on the right and see how many Kermits, Barbies and Garfields are out there.

Send me an email at with your name & answer to the following question:

What do I do when I have the name of a potential candidate but no phone number?

The best five answers will receive a free copy of my book on headhunting (in Dutch or French).

BTW I'm still looking for Kermits, Barbies & Garfields to join Ulysses in Antwerp or Dilbeek.

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